Anthony Gambino Jr.: Goodbye, and good riddance

September 22, 2018


There was a wonderful piece of news in the Sept. 13 edition of Today’s News-Herald: Paul Mosely lost his State seat in the Aug. 28 primary. He can thank his own arrogance, and his out of control big mouth. Now a warrant has been issued for, guess what, a speeding issue and his failure to appear in court? Now he is bemoaning the fact that a State Representative only makes $24,000 a year, and he does not care if he is not re-elected.

Well, an awful lot people are glad as well. I guess you won’t be buying many new Lexus vehicles, Mr. Mosely. Also keep in mind, you will lose the generous taxpayer funded medical insurance provided by the State of Arizona. Oh well, Mr. Mosely, you can go back into real estate sales. That is if you have any customer base that you have not alienated while you were a big shot (failed) politician.

Now for Krysten Sinema. This woman is a certified Pelosi clone, and just as much of a Marxist radical as Pelosi.This woman was once an attorney. God save America. Real lawyers practice law. Failed lawyers, such as Sinema, become politicians to pervert the Constitution, raise taxes, initiate any form of gun control to control people as is Obamacare. Sinema has the same leaky mouth as Mr. Mosely, and due to her political leaning, she’s very ignorant, but very dangerous.

Her car is probably not as speedy as Mosely’s, but her brain is just as flawed. This woman should not be loose on the streets let alone in political office of any kind. Like Mosely, she has to go as well.

Anthony Gambino Jr.

Lake Havasu City

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