Lead Chamber hires new director

November 15, 2018

LEAD — The Lead Area Chamber of Commerce has hired Sierra Ward as its new director.

Ward said she’s grown up all over the country, but has always had a special love for Lead.

“I come from a long, long line of Homestake miners,” she said. “I’ve been coming here since I was an infant. … Every year or couple years we would come and spend time with family in Lead specifically, and I love it.”

Ward has spent time not just all over the country, but also all over the world living in Guam and studying in Italy. However when it came time for her to put down roots, she said the decision as to where was an easy one.

“There was kind of part of me that thought, ‘can I live in somewhere so remote?’” she said. “But once I … was here for six months I was like, ‘actually it doesn’t feel remote at all.’”

She has called Lead home now for the past seven years.

Ward said she was taken aback by how living in the Black Hills can seem to offer the best of two worlds, big city amenities and small town community.

“It’s crazy all the stuff we have, and all the people that come through to all the entertainment,” Ward said. “Its nuts that we can support all this awesome stuff. So it never feels like it’s the edge of the Earth, it feels like the center of the universe!”

Ward is excited to bring together all that she’s experienced and learned to an area she’s passionate about living in.

“The thing that I get really excited about is that I do love Lead. And I think I have this unique perspective because I sort of have these deep, deep roots,” she said. “But I went and did all this other stuff, I lived all these other places and now I’ve chosen to live here, I love living here, I do not want to live anywhere else. So I can bring all those other ideas and then see Lead kind of from the outside, but with a heart that’s inside of it. I think that Lead has an amazing future and it’s the best place in the black Hills so obviously why wouldn’t I want to represent that as the chamber director?”

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