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Joe’s Washing Machine And Tanning Room Cares For Clothes And Bods

July 15, 1988

GARDENDALE, Ala. (AP) _ No sun, no sand, no uneven tan is the promise at a coin-operated laundry where customers bask under the lights while their clothes spin in the machines.

Joe Thomas, taking a cue from laundries that have installed delis and bars, put a tanning bed at his laundry this spring and the tanning lights stay on most of the day.

″It’s called Joe’s Washing Machine but I’m changing the name right now to Joe’s Washing Machine and Tanning Room,″ his mother, Helen Archer, said Thursday.

Mrs. Archer, who helps run the business, said her son ″has a lot of ideas on everything, if there’s a dollar involved.

″We had an extra room here and he wondered what we would do with it. Then he came in one day and said we were going to put a tanning bed back there.″

″We’re thinking about putting in another bed,″ she said. ″The room is big enough. We can put in a partition and have two beds.″

″We have a lot of young people coming in here,″ Mrs. Archer said. ″About February they start talking about getting a tan. They would shift from one foot to another while waiting for their clothes.

″Now they can wash their clothes and get a tan and we can make money all at the same time,″ she said. ″It tans people top and bottom, on both sides, and they don’t have to turn over.″

The bed costs $4 for 15 minutes.

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