Anchor Stays Calm

November 8, 2018

A news anchor in southwest China is a humble hero: he has apologized for his viral fame that came after he was shown to be unshakable on camera, chilling out his colleagues during an earthquake.

The 5.1 magnitude quake rumbled through the Sichuan city of Xichang Wednesday, according to the South China Morning Post, while He Kun was live on the air. In footage of the broadcast, you can hear some of his colleagues call out in fright, but the unflappable newsman, still facing the camera, said, “Wait, wait, don’t panic -- let’s finish the broadcast.”

His on-cam calm quickly made the rounds on social media, including the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, called Weibo. “Sichuan people have become immune to earthquakes,” wrote one user. Another waxed philosophical, quoting a Sichuan adage, “No need to panic during small quakes, and you can’t outrun a big one [anyway].”

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