Longmont Drains McCall Lake to Check Outlet Problem

September 20, 2018

Water in McCall Lake, a 35-acre storage reservoir northwest of Longmont, is being drained to half its normal depth to determine why its outlet works are not functioning properly, city officials announced.

At present, there are no restrictions of shoreline fishing at, or access to, McCall Lake, which is also a Longmont city park about three miles east of Lyons, southwest of Colo. 66 and North 66th Street.

McCall Lake has a normal depth of about 16 feet. The siphoning that’s underway will drain it to half that level or lower. After the lake has been drained, the outlet works will be repaired or replaced, officials said.

The reservoir is expected to remain at that lower water level through the 2019 spring runoff. The lake’s water primarily is used for irrigation of city parks via the Longmont Supply Ditch.

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