Child safety laws in Nebraska change Jan. 1st

December 28, 2018

NORFOLK - A new Nebraska law takes effect January 1st and those of you who transport children want to listen up.

Norfolk Police Captain Don Miller says the changes are minor, but very important and to make sure you’re aware of them.

Miller says the first change states all children up to age eight must ride correctly secured in a federally approved child safety seat or positioning booster.

He says also children up to eight must ride in the back seat unless other children under eight already occupy all available seats.

“A second part of this new law is that all children up to their second birthday need to be in a rear facing seat until they are two or until they reach the maximum height and weight limit of the child seat.”

Miller says all of these violations are primary offenses, meaning you can be stopped and cited by police for this violation alone.

If you have additional questions, you can call Norfolk Police or your local law enforcement agency.

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