Golfers take swing at postseason

May 4, 2019

NEEDLES — Mustang golfers finished second twice last week, though their scores improved dramatically for the second game of the two on a pleasant day at their home course.

The Mustangs traveled to Las Vegas on April 22 for the first game. The Meadows shot 389 to take the win; Needles and Lake Mead tied at 415.

Coach Bill Darrow commented that, “We did not play very well but tied with Lake mead for second.” It was a rough day, he continued, breezy, which created problems for everybody and increased the stroke count for all the teams. Raymond Jenkins led the Mustangs with 98; Trevyn Diaz shot 99.

“We shot much better in our home match April 24,” Darrow said. The Meadows shot 350 for the win, Needles shot 356 on their home links at River’s Edge Golf Course. Lake Mead shot 387.

“It was a nice day,” Darrow remembered. “No wind.”

Jenkins again led Needles’ efforts with 86. Teran Woody shot 88, Diz 90, Chris Powell 92 and Michael Necochea 93.

Mustang golfers had one more regular match to go, at Moapa Valley on May 1, before entering the league tournament on May 6 at the par 72 Canyon Gate County Club in Las Vegas. The Meadows is the host team.

“Now we’re a little bit closer,” said Darrow. “We’re only six shots away from The Meadows, which is a team that can compete for the state championship, so I think we can too.”

Needles, Tonopah, Lake Mead, The Meadows and West Wendover are the teams Darrow feels have a chance at the championship. The top three compete, Drrrow said, “so we’re working on beating two of those five teams to get to state. We’ll just continue to work on our short game, putting, chipping; and hopefully be able to do that next Monday.”