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Pipe Bomb Kills Child, Injures Others

October 3, 1988

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) _ A pipe bomb exploded in a residential neighborhood Sunday night, killing an 8-year-old boy and injuring five other children, authorities said.

″There’s some kids that found a pipe bomb,″ said Lt. R.C. Swan of the Fort Worth Fire Department. ″One of them was killed when it went off.″

Ambulances took three children to Harris Methodist Hospital and two to John Peter Smith Hospital, Swan said.

The bomb exploded in front of a home in a neighborhood of single-family residences near a light industrial area on the city’s south side. The children found the device alongside a curb, said Capt. Roy Knight of the fire department.

Investigators recovered some fragments of the pipe bomb, but Knight said he didn’t know what the device was made of or contained.

Swan said no fire occurred as a result of the explosion.

Information on what happened was sketchy Sunday night because the injured children were still being treated, and three were in serious condition, hospital officials said. The name of the dead child was not immediately released.

Mark Zamora, 7, was in serious condition with eye and facial injuries, said Michael Mayo, night administrator at John Peter Smith Hospital.

Irena Herrera, 4, also was in serious condition with injuries in her abdominal area and lower extremities and a fractured left leg, Mayo said.

Mark’s 8-year-old brother, Joel, was in serious condition with eye injuries at Harris Methodist Hospital was in serious condition with eye injuries, said emergency room spokeswoman Ruth McFadden. His sister, Jael Zamora, 11, was in good condition with lacerations, Ms. McFadden said.

Irena’s 6-year-old brother, Rudy, was also in good condition with lacerations and facial powder burns, the spokeswoman said.

Ms. McFadden said Jael told authorities that the children were playing with the bomb when it went off.