Disbanding of swim club is awful

December 4, 2018

This is awful (“Swim club disbanding, coach says,” Nov. 27). I would urge Santa Fe-based Northern Aquatic Club coach Miguel Castillo to meet with the city to work out a fair method to satisfy so many users. The adults and the team have given an awful lot of time, energy and effort to make this team happen.

I was so lucky to have been young when the only, at the time, swimming pool, opened.

It is now a part of the Salvador Perez Recreation Complex. I learned to swim there. I passed my minnow test with my dad taking off a day of work, my grandmother and uncle, taking time from the family store, Bell’s Store, and my mom and brothers all there to support me. It was very scary to do a dive off the low board, but I did it.

Through the years, the pool was a safe place for kids of all ages. If a kid was interested, they could belong to the Dolphins, the local swim team. As I recall, I swam competitively from age 9 to ninth grade. It was a great lesson in discipline, physical effort, cooperation, good sportsmanship — tools that last a lifetime.

It is a great disservice to lack opportunity for the swim club to practice. Santa Fe has grown tremendously. Perhaps the city should look at another recreational site that can accommodate many sports. There is always a cry about what to do with our youth. Well, the swim team is surely one answer, and it should be supported. The payback is worth the trouble of working with the users of the pools to include these young folks.

Barbara LaMont lives in Santa Fe.

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