North Augusta City Council discusses designating Riverview Park as emergency shelter

February 19, 2019

NORTH AUGUSTA — North Augusta City Council discussed the possibility of designating Riverview Park Activities Center as an American Red Cross emergency shelter during their study session Monday.

American Red Cross representative Dale Couch said there would be “no cost to the city, all we need is the building.”

City Administrator Todd Glover mentioned that in the past few years, there have been school closures in Aiken County throughout the entire district because South Aiken High School was a facility for people being evacuated from the coast.

“The past few times that’s occurred, we’ve actually had fewer than 40 people in the high school, so we’re shutting down our entire school district over just a handful of people that are staying in shelters,” Glover said.

Couch said that the American Red Cross has an insurance policy in case something happens to the building or a person.

Glover also said the city is looking to work with FEMA to get a grant for a generator for Riverview Park for backup.

He mentioned that Odell Weeks Activities Center in Aiken is also an emergency site.

“By certifying this site, it’s our hope we can work with the school district and the state that perhaps for smaller scale evacuations that the City of Aiken or City of North Augusta might could utilize our facilities and prevent our school districts from shutting down when there’s really no emergency reason here to do that,” Glover said.

Also during the study session, Council heard from Wolf Den Cub Scouts Pack 7 in regards to the Pack’s service project.

The project is to remind people not to text and drive, and Council heard from the scouts about why it’s important not to text and drive.

“My name is Zachary and I think that texting and driving is dangerous because people could hit buildings and hurt their self or the people that are in the building and put that business out of business,” said another Scout.

The Pack is asking the city for their help in creating, purchasing and legally placing signs around the city warning drivers not to text and drive.

“Definitely put it in neighborhoods just in case people are texting and driving in neighborhoods and someone’s playing outside they could run into a fence and hurt them,” said one Scout.

During the regular Council meeting, City Council unanimously approved a resolution and the first two readings of an ordinance regarding a petition for annexation of around 0.63 acres of property located at 1015 Reams Road owned by Kenneth Newsome. The ordinance states that the property would be zoned R-14, large lot residential.