Live audience invited to take part in local show

January 3, 2019

Watertown TV and Watertown All Breed Community invite the public to participate in the production of “Clicker Training 101” Saturday at the Watertown TV studio.

The show will feature Molly Johnson, BS, KPA CTP, CHES, and Fitzgerald William, a 5-year-old basset hound and registered therapy dog, who will demonstrate clicker training, a method of training animals.

The show will cover what clicker training is and how it works, the science behind this training method, the benefits of clicker training and the bond an owner can create with their dog in the process. The audience will have a chance to ask questions and choose a new trick for Johnson to teach Fitz on camera so they can see clicker training in action.

Johnson is a positive-reinforcement clicker trainer who utilizes classical and operant conditioning to teach both dogs and people. She works with dogs in a force-, pain- and punishment-free environment where the dog is challenged to think and engage rather than be a passive recipient of information.

The event is free, but persons must sign up to reserve a seat. To sign up, they can contact Watertown All Breed Community on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WatertownABC or call 608-444-3072 with their name, phone number and the number of people in their party.

Attendees are to note that dogs should stay home for this event.

For more information on Johnson and her dog Fitz, visit www.caninecomfort.us.

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