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Psychiatrist Describes Woman’s Account Of Shooting Spree

June 2, 1987

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) _ A psychiatrist on Tuesday described a victim’s recollection of the 1976 bloodbath in which two people were killed and two injured at the hilltop home of a millionaire oil heir.

Dr. Richard Coons quoted Priscilla Davis, former wife of defendant Cullen Davis. Mrs. Davis filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Fort Worth oilman in connection with her daughter’s death at the Davis mansion.

″Cullen just said ‘Hi’ and shot me,″ Coons quoted Mrs. Davis as saying during a four-hour interview last March.

Coons said Mrs. Davis also recounted how Davis struggled with her boyfriend, 30-year-old Stan Farr, before shooting him four times.

″His eyes closed, and he died,″ Mrs. Davis was quoted as saying.

The testimony came during the second week of a civil trial in which Mrs. Davis, 45, contends Davis, 53, was the man dressed in black who pulled the trigger in August 1976 shooting spree in which Farr and 12-year-old Andrea Wilborn were killed.

Mrs. Davis and former husband, Jack Wilborn, 66, are seeking millions in damages for the death of Andrea, their daughter and Davis’ stepdaughter.

A ballistics expert testified that the bullet that killed Andrea was fired from the gun used to kill Farr. Because there were no witnesses to Andrea’s slaying, the testimony was critical to the plaintiffs’ case.

Frank Shiller, director of the Fort Worth crime lab, also told the jury evidence in the case would be consistent with Mrs. Davis’ claim that the assailant wore a woman’s black wig and fired the fatal shots through a black plastic bag wrapped around his hands.

On cross-examination, Shiller testified that nothing found by crime scene search officers would place Davis at the mansion the night of the shootings.

A jury acquitted Davis of Andrea’s death in 1977.The child was found in a basement utility room, shot in the chest.

A pathologist, Linda Norton, testified Tuesday the bullet severed the main artery in Andrea’s body and that she bled to death. The witness said death was not instantaneous, and that the child remained conscious for several minutes and perhaps as long as an hour.

Coons said Mrs. Davis also discussed with him the arrival at the mansion of Gus ″Bubba″ Gavrel, then 22, and his date that night, Beverly Bass, then 18.

″Bubba was bringing Bev over to spend the night - the night of the murders,″ he quoted her as saying. ″After Andrea was shot and I was shot, I ran outside and Cullen was dragging me back in.

″Bubba and Bev came up and Bev said, ‘Look, Bubba, it’s Cullen.’ Cullen turned and shot Bubba in the stomach. ...″

Miss Bass also has testified that Davis was the gunman. Gavrel, whom she since married, reached an out-of-court settlement with Davis. Gavrel is crippled from the shooting, a bullet lodged near his spine.

Coon said Mrs. Davis still suffers from emotional disorders stemming from that night.

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