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6th-Grader Holds Class at Gunpoint

March 23, 2000

LISBON, Ohio (AP) _ A sixth-grader pulled a gun in his classroom Thursday morning but a teacher persuaded him to drop the weapon, the school superintendent said.

No one was hurt and the 12-year-old boy was taken into custody. He told authorities that his mother is in jail and he wanted to join her, Superintendent Anthony Krukowski said.

The boy came into his McKinley Elementary School classroom at about 9 a.m., pointed a gun at the floor and told his classmates and teacher Dan Kemats to get down, Krukowski said.

A pupil in the hallway overheard the exchange and summoned another teacher, Linda Robb, who persuaded the boy to give up the gun, Krukowski said. The whole thing was over in less than five minutes, he said.

The boy’s name was not released.

Authorities didn’t immediately say if the gun, which was not a toy, was loaded. The boy apparently got it from home and kept it in his pocket, Krukowski said.

The school was closed for the day. It will not have classes Friday but will be open for students who want to come in for counseling.

``Naturally the students were shook up, any time you have an incident like that,″ Krukowski said.

Krukowski said he wasn’t very familiar with the boy and was unaware of any behavior problems. ``As far as I am aware of, there was nothing substantial,″ he said.

The school has about 650 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. The district has about 1,350 students. Lisbon is about 25 miles south of Youngstown, near the Ohio-West Virginia-Pennsylvania lines.

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