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Gunman Goes Berserk, Kills 3 and Wounds 8

August 18, 1991

SIDON, Lebanon (AP) _ A gunman went berserk in this southern port city Sunday, hurling grenades and dynamite sticks. Police said three people were killed and eight wounded before soldiers killed the gunman.

A police spokesman said the assailant, Syrian-born Youssef Itani, 34, climbed onto the roof of a four-story building in Sidon’s Kanaya suburb in the evening.

Itani, who used to go by the nom de guerre of Castro, had been a member of the disarmed leftist Nasserite militia that controlled Sidon during Lebanon’s civil war.

″He had a bagful of grenades and dynamite sticks which he threw at pedestrians below him,″ said the spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity.

He said the dead included two members of the leftist Nasserite militia and a woman pedestrian. The injured included one soldier and eight civilians.

Army soldiers fired machine guns from a nearby checkpoint and killed the gunman.

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