Human life has no monetary value

November 28, 2018

Human life has no monetary value

I have something I would like to ask the voters of northern Wayne County that worked so hard to deny adequate ambulance and EMS service to the rest of us.

Have you ever stood by a demolished car, holding your wife’s hand while someone else holds her head, listening to her cry out in pain, as you wait 45 minutes for an ambulance to get to the scene? Have you watched your mother-in suffer in the passenger seat with multiple broken bones (2 compound fractures) for three times the national average wait time for an ambulance?

I’m willing to bet you never have and I pray you never will, but I have. It is not something I will soon forget.

Now, there were numerous volunteers from Fort Gay VFD that did an expert job of taking care of these two and managing the accident scene until the ambulance did arrive and I am forever in their debt for the care that they gave. Sadly, they have no ambulance.

We were five minutes away from the hospital, but FGVFD couldn’t expedite the transport of the victims. All anyone could do was wait. For forty-five minutes.

The ambulance from Prichard arrived as quickly as they could, I know that, and they also were extremely professional and thorough in the care that they gave. They, too, have my deepest gratitude for that. Their EMS service is top-notch. I know the job the two fire departments performed that night had a lot to do with how well my family is recovering from their injuries. It breaks my heart to know that Prichard was among those who fought the hardest against the rest of the county having adequate ambulance service.

I don’t understand how a few extra dollars a year is more important to some than quality, expedient medical service in the event of an emergency. I would gladly pay my part. No one, no matter where you live in Wayne County, should have to wait for 45 minutes for an ambulance. No matter if you live in Kenova, Ceredo, Prichard or Fort Gay, East Lynn, Crum.We all deserve that much.

Maybe some parts of the county don’t agree. Is it a given that these areas will always fight against any future effort to improve EMS service to the entire county and not just a few chosen communities?

As I said, I am truly grateful for the care my loved ones were given that night. But, what if their injuries had been more severe than they were? Did they have time to wait?

I just can’t see how anyone can put a dollar value on human life.

Terry Wellman

Fort Gay

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