LETTER: Crack down on those who employ illegal immigrants

August 29, 2018

Federal and state governments should impose steep financial penalties on any farm, company or household that hires an illegal immigrant. Then, regulators should vigorously enforce those penalties. We need to remove the incentive for corporate America to hire illegal immigrants.

Once denied work here in the United States, illegal immigrants would either return home or be required to seek a legal path to citizenship. That solution would solve Mr. Trump’s “immigration crisis” far more effectively than a border wall, the separation of families, or the unjustified white nationalist hatred directed at immigrants.

Of course, all those companies that benefit from illegal immigrant labor will vehemently oppose this common-sense, practical solution. Why? Because those corporations want illegals in order to drive down wages, prevent unionization, skirt Social Security taxes, avoid offering any benefits to their labor force, and generally dictate the terms of exploitative employment. - Robert Schneiders, Sioux City

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