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New Guinness Book Offers Plethora of Exotica

October 11, 1989

NEW YORK (AP) _ An 11-foot-high hairdo and a first-rate chin-balancing act are among the tidbits awaiting readers of the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records, which went on the market for inquisitive minds Wednesday.

The book is ″exploding with the most astounding facts of nature, human endurance scientific achievement, entertainment, business and sports,″ notes a low-key news release by the Sterling Publishing Co.

Take that beehive hairdo, for instance. Team Hairfax of Fairfax, Calif., built it onto a wig. Wendy Villasenor walked around wearing it - in public, no less - on July 29, 1989, ″without the wig tilting or falling,″ the book observes.

You say you can’t believe it?

Although it’s ″amazing and amusing, Guinness is the reliable source of accurate, fascinating facts,″ intones the publisher.

The chin-balancing record could escape even the greatest scholars. But Guinness readers will know that Frank Charles balanced 24 milk crates, weighing 74 pounds, on his chin for 19 seconds at Leyton, England, on July 30, 1988.

Next time, maybe he can heft a chicken. John Steele of Banff, Scotland, says his rooster, named Bruno, tipped the scales at a record 22 pounds, 1 ounce on July 4, 1989.

″More amazing information is packed into this exciting volume than ever before, since more new records were set in the past year than in any since the book was first published,″ said the publisher.

And if you can’t cope with all that excitement, go to Boston - the city most prolific in psychologists and psychiatrists, with ″one shrink per 328 heads.″

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