WASHINGTON (AP) _ Here are some comments concerning the presidential campaign on Sunday, from the candidates and others:

MICHAEL DUKAKIS, upon entering the White House for a Nation Governors Association black-tie dinner: ''I'm just looking the place over, that's all.''

BOB DOLE, trumpeting the fact that Vice President Bush has withdrawn his campaign from South Dakota, which holds a primary on Tuesday: ''Where's George Bush?''

ALBERT GORE, on his attacks on Democratic rivals Richard Gephardt and Michael Dukakis: ''I'm not giving them hell - I'm just telling the truth and they think it's hell.''

PAUL SIMON, seeking votes in South Dakota: ''South Dakota is a state with a tradition of being progressive.''

RICHARD GEPHARDT, also in South Dakota, defending his trade and farm policies: ''What's right is right. Let's stand up for fairness.''

REP. SAM GIBBONS, D-Fla., chairman of the trade subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee and a member of the House-Senate conference committee working on a compromise trade bill, on the Gephardt trade amendment: ''The Gephardt provision will be dropped. We're going to dump it because it's bad policy.''

GARY HART, campaigning at the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota: ''Indian people have the right to determine their own destiny. They should be on equal status as the states in the nation.''