House Intelligence chair Devin Nunes coming to Omaha to raise money for Don Bacon

September 8, 2018

A high-profile Republican congressman who’s known for his support of President Donald Trump in the Russia investigation is coming to Omaha to raise money for Rep. Don Bacon.

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is scheduled to appear in Omaha at a private fundraiser for Bacon on Monday night.

Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is best known for a controversial memo that Republicans say showed surveillance abuses in the early stages of the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

The memo, which the FBI said is inaccurate and missing critical context, asserts that current and former FBI and Justice Department leaders signed off on a surveillance warrant to monitor communications of a former Trump campaign associate. Democrats later issued a rebuttal memo and argued that the GOP unfairly maligned the FBI and the Justice Department.

Bacon’s opponent, Democrat Kara Eastman, criticized Bacon in a statement for aligning himself with Nunes, saying he “has done everything in his power to stymie the Russia investigation.”

“This relationship between Bacon and Nunes should concern all who want Americans to have free and secure elections,” Eastman said.

Bacon said Nunes is a friend and colleague, and he praised Nunes for issuing the memo.

“I think he put some light on the ... warrant that wasn’t handled appropriately,” Bacon said. “I personally think it was good for the public to know.”

When asked if he agrees with Nunes that the federal government abused its power, Bacon said: “I’m certainly not comfortable with what they did. I don’t claim to be the expert on it ... I think it looks bad for sure as a minimum. But I’m not an expert on it. I’m not on that committee. I always know I could use more facts and details.”

Nunes later stepped aside from the committee’s Russia probe, citing ethics complaints.

The ranking Democrat on the Intelligence committee, Adam Schiff of California, has also made the trip to Nebraska’s 2nd District this year. He appeared at a fundraiser for former U.S. Rep. Brad Ashford, who lost in the primary to Eastman.

Bacon noted that Eastman has received support from some Democratic groups that are unpopular with Republicans, such as MoveOn.org, which is associated with Democratic mega donor George Soros.

Bacon said his supporters are excited to hear from Nunes.

“He is a very intelligent, articulate guy,” Bacon said. “Being on the intelligence committee he’s got a wide breadth of knowledge of what’s going on around the world. Frankly he’s an interesting insightful person on issues on all the continents. He’s an enjoyable guy to talk to.”

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