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Woman Bares Breasts At Queen, Men Try To Hose Her With Water

March 5, 1986

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ A woman bared her breasts before Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Wednesday and two men attempted to spray the monarch with water, but thousands of residents of Australia’s largest city gave a rousing welcome to the royal couple.

A young woman was arrested Wednesday after she climbed a pole with her shirt open as the Queen and Prince Philip were about to board a boat for a private cruise of Sydney’s scenic harbor.

Witnesses said the woman kicked and punched policemen who finally dragged her down behind barriers.

It was not immediately clear if the breast-baring was related to protests Tuesday night by aboriginal land rights campaigners. Two men were arrested after they tried to hose the queen’s limousine with water as it drew up to a downtown hotel for a state reception.

They were apprehended on the roof of a building opposite the Sheraton- Wentwor th hotel before they had an opportunity to use the fire hose.

Police moved a small group of demonstrators across the road from the hotel after they yelled ″Go home Queen,″ and held placards reading ″Queen’s government betrays aborigines.″

Arriving from Canberra, Elizabeth said Tuesday she and Prince Philip always felt it a heartwarming experience to be greeted by the people of Sydney, a city of more than 3 million on Australia’s east coast.

″This has always been a land of promise and opportunity, but there are perhaps few nations where potential promise and opportunity have been matched so well by actual achievement,″ she said.

More than 20,000 people turned out to see the royal couple Tuesday, by police estimates.

A cheering crowd, some chanting ″God save the Queen,″ and others waving flags, applauded as the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh drove through the streets. One woman waved a placard reading ″Queen of Australia, queen of our hearts.″

Elizabeth is on her eighth visit to Australia for the 150th birthday celebrations of the state of South Australia.

Stricter than normal security has been in place for the Queen’s 12-day visit to Australia following a series of anti-monarchy protests during an earlier week-long tour of New Zealand, including one in which the Queen was hit by an egg.

In another, a Maori bared his buttocks - the ultimate Maori insult - in protest over a 19th century treaty ceding Maori rights to Queen Victoria, Elizabeth’s great-great grandmother.

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