Democrats can’t lecture about civility -- Joyce McRoberts

November 18, 2018

A peaceful parade was held to support a flag mural painted on the La Bella Pizza Bistro’s exterior wall in New Paltz, New York. Organizers of the parade stressed that participants should not carry signs advocating a candidate or party ideology.

On parade day, a mob of people, some anti-fascists (Antifa) and other assorted politically driven activists, showed up. One group had a black banner with white letters: “No borders, No nation.” Another group had a sign that read “co-exist with Islam.” Another sign read: “Yes, I’m anti-AmeriKKKan.”

In Washington, D.C., a mob descended on conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson’s home. This mob pounded on his front door, yelling: “We know where you sleep at night.”

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had just recently proclaimed that Democrats will be civil again when they get into power. Incivility promoted right from the top of the party.

How ironic it was to see Phil Hands’ cartoon on the Nov. 8 State Journal editorial page picturing Gov.-elect Tony Evers standing by a blackboard that had Civility 101 printed on it. As if he (a Democrat) could lecture about civility.

Joyce McRoberts, New Glarus

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