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Bullwinkle ‘Moose-napped’; Situation Rocky

August 26, 1987

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) _ It’s a rocky time at Bullwinkle’s Family Food ’n Fun Restaurant following a ″moose-napping″ of the restaurant’s 40-foot namesake.

″We haven’t gotten a ransom note yet,″ said Cy Brezil, regional technical manager of the restaurant. He said the inflatable Bullwinkle J. was deflated and left on the roof of the restaurant over the weekend.

″We went up on the roof Tuesday and he was gone. ... We think it’s an inside job,″ he said. The restaurant is offering a $500 reward for the moose. ″Bullwinkle has been very dear to us and we want him back safe and sound.″

Brezil said the $10,000 promotional moose ran into trouble here about two years ago when ″somebody cut his antlers off.″ Bullwinkle was later repaired.

Police are stumped by the latest incident.

″This is our first stolen moose,″ said Sgt. Pat Kolstad. ″We won’t put out an all-points bulletin for him, but everybody is going to be looking for a moose.″

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