Donald Trump claims anti-Kavanaugh senators ‘not angels’

October 1, 2018

President Trump said Monday that some U.S. senators are “not angels” and went too far in questioning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s alcohol use in high school.

The president said he witnessed one Democrat senator in a “compromising” situation.

“I happen to know some United States senators, one who is on the other side who is pretty aggressive. I’ve seen that person in very bad situations,” Mr. Trump said at a Rose Garden press conference.

He did not identify the senator or elaborate on the behavior, although he implied it involved alcohol.

“I’ve seen that person in [a] very, very bad situation somewhat compromising. and you know I think it is very unfair to bring up things like this,” he said.

Mr. Trump ordered the FBI to reopen a background investigation of Mr. Kavanaugh after allegations of sexual misconduct when he was 17 years old at a high school party.

At a Senate hearing, Mr. Kavanaugh admitted to drinking beer in high school. But he said he did not drink a lot.

Democrats have said he would be disqualified from the high court if the FBI found he drank frequently in high school.

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