Kandi Finfrock: Changing climate conversation

March 14, 2019

Editor: In your March 12 letter from Kate Rogers of Scottsdale, she claimed she was “speaking for all Arizonans” on climate change. Rogers does not speak for me, and I’m an Arizonan. My belief is that “climate change” is a hoax perpetrated on Arizonans and Americans by special interests with vested interests in alternative energy.

“Global warming” was changed to “climate change” when the earth began it’s natural cooling cycle and the warming stopped. American billionaire Tom Steyer — who made his money in alternative energy — funds studies to back up his industry and scare gullible Americans into believing man causes climate change. What a joke!

Why should Americans be taxed into “climate change” submission, as the latest Democrat darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez touts? The New Green Deal — backed by all Democrat candidates for president — will cost America $93 trillion dollars to fund this one program alone. America can’t afford it!

America has done its part to clean up our air, water, and other areas prone to pollution. Why should politicians and writers like Rogers scare Americans into funding “climate change” when China and other countries contribute far more to global pollution? If Democrats and their supporters really believed in “climate change” and eliminating all pollution, they would do something about homeless camps that bring actual pollution - not to mention disease — to major US cities? These billionaires and polititians drive past homeless encampments to reach airports. They fly across our country and globe in airplanes touting this “climate change” nonsense. The New Green Deal would eliminate air travel for regular citizens not able to pay their carbon footprint.

I applaud Sens. McSally and Sinema for not being bullied into submission to approve a radical policy like the New Green Deal. As for letter writer Rogers, she must live in a bubble surrounded by people who agree with her views on “climate change” — she may speak for those people — but she does not speak for all Arizonans and should quit claiming she does.

Kandi Finfrock

Lake Havasu City