DILLONVALE, Ohio (AP) _ Heavy rain flooded creeks and broke a dam Thursday, forcing renewed evacuations in part of eastern Ohio that was heavily damaged by deadly flooding last month.

About 600 people in Dillonvale and 200 people in Dunglen were urged to evacuate their homes, said Francis Sebring, director of an emergency services command post.

Residents also were evacuated from their homes in Adena, some by boat.

Dillonvale and Adena suffered extensive damage during flash floods that struck eastern Ohio on June 14 and killed 26 people near Shadyside, about 20 miles south of Dillonvale.

''We got hit again,'' Sebring said. ''It's pouring down rain.''

Evacuations also were reported in central Ohio because of flooding.

Ohio had been hit with thunderstorms much of the week. The National Weather Service said rain was expected to continue into the weekend.

National Guard units in Cambridge and Steubenville were being sent to the eastern Ohio flood areas to help relief efforts, said Ohio Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Stacy Gilg.

Emergency shelters for the evacuees were set up in churches and fire departments.

Sebring said a dam at a strip-mine operation broke. He said water from the dam would enter Short Creek, which runs through the Dillonvale and Newtown before emptying into the Ohio River.

In the Adena area, boaters took people to higher ground.

''It's been raining constantly, hard rain, all day,'' said firefighter Greg Arnett. He said there was about two feet of water around the firehouse.

''Here in Adena I know people are evacuating some houses,'' said church secretary Mary Martha Carter. ''They're telling people to leave houses and go where they can go.''

Flooding also was reported in Licking County in central Ohio and Athens County in southeast Ohio. Ms. Gilg said there were no requests for state aid from those areas.

Dozens of people were evacuated from low-lying areas of Licking County, one county west of Columbus, after steady rainfall caused the south fork of the Licking River to spill over its banks. No injuries were reported.