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Pittsburgh Ballboy Reflects on 35 Years in Dugout

October 9, 1990

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ The blue-eyed ballboy chewing a wad of gum in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ dugout is not overawed that his team has reached the National League baseball playoffs.

Angelo Donatelli was in the Pirates’ dugout when Bill Mazeroski hit the home run that won the 1960 World Series. With the exception of relief pitcher Ted Powers, none of the players on the Pirates’ roster was born when Donatelli started the job 35 years ago.

Now white-haired and 63 years old, Donatelli is keeping his fingers crossed he can watch another World Series from his vantage point on the bench.

It’s his job to monitor the number of balls that go into the stands during a game and to keep the umpire supplied with replacements.

″I just sit here and I notice when a ball goes into the stands,″ Donatelli said. ″Then I take one out and set it beside me. When the umpire asks me for a ball, I say, ‘I’ve got ‘em right here.’ ″

The Pirates trail the Cincinnati Reds 2-1 in their best-of-seven league championship series.

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