Trump White House Is Corrupt

December 17, 2018

Editor: Is it really a surprise that the recent presidential election was fraught with illegal activity? Is it really a surprise to find out that the current administration is more corrupt than that of Ulysses S. Grant? Is there any surprise that the defense by Individual 1 is to attack, assault and attempt to undermine virtually every legitimate news agency with the exception of the Karl Rove misinformation machine? In Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence he enumerated the many abuses perpetrated by King George. We would benefit by doing the same for King Individual 1: n He has continuously assaulted the Bill of Rights despite his swearing to “defend and protect the Constitution.” n He has continuously assaulted and denied the consensus of virtually every legitimate scientist and scientific organization regarding climate change. n He has defended neo-Nazis, claiming they included “good people.” n He has denied and refuted the findings of virtually every intelligence agency of the United States regarding the impact of Russia on the 2016 Presidential election. n He has ridiculed his fellow Americans including those with physical disabilities. n He has separated the children and parents of those fleeing narco-terrorism, dictatorship and seeking freedom and opportunity. n He has continuously misrepresented (if not out and out lied) about an endless array of activities and behaviors from paying off porn stars and other “sex-mates” to embracing murderous foreign tyrants, to gaining great economic benefit from his position, to pushing the country to the point of bankruptcy through lop-sided tax cuts for the 1 percent. But beware: Should Individual 1 be removed from office he will be replaced by an extremist, misogynistic ideologue who will surely pardon him. If not immediately, then after the 2020 election or during the lame duck period should Pence not win in 2020. Peter Wolman SHAVERTOWN

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