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Names In The Game

June 24, 1996

NEW YORK (AP) _ Comedian Jackie Mason thinks that holding the Olympics in New York City is a ``terrific idea,″ because the Big Apple could host its own event.

``Instead of high-jumping, we can have turnstile jumping. We’d win that in a second,″ he said, joining officials and commentators who mused on Sunday about having New York host the 2008 games.

Leading the pack was Mayor Rudolph Giuliani who said that the key to winning a bid for the games was to construct new stadiums for the Yankees and Mets.

``Maybe there’s something here in which everything can work out,″ Giuliani said. ``We could find a permanent solution for the issues that face the Yankees and the Mets. At the same time, we could point toward getting the Olympics in 2008. That something that’s being studied now. We don’t have the final answer yet.″


TORONTO (AP) _ Former Syracuse quarterback Marvin Graves was sacked again.

Graves was among the final cuts of the Toronto Argonauts as all nine CFL teams finalized their 36-man rosters Sunday.

Newcomer Marquel Fleetwood beat out Graves for the backup job behind Toronto starter Doug Flutie. Graves, touted as the Argos’ quarterback of the future when he joined the CFL club three years ago, remains on the practice roster.

``I don’t know if it was my play, my personality or what,″ Graves told the Toronto Sun. ``I can’t really say that Marquel had a better camp than me. The coaches made a decision and I have to live with it.″

Don Matthews, Toronto’s coach and general manager, said Fleetwood earned the job.

``One guy simply played better than the other,″ he said. ``When Marquel had the opportunity to play, he was very successful. It was a difficult decision, but we had to do it.″


MILWAUKEE (AP) _ County Stadium employees and baseball fans held separate rallies with the same message. They want a new ballpark built for the Milwaukee Brewers, and they want it started now.

``Baseball belongs in Milwaukee and I want it here for my children and my children’s children,″ said Cindy Kriefall of Franklin, Wis., as she and about 300 other employees of stadium businesses rallied Sunday to get the ballpark project going again.

``I remember when the Brewers came to Milwaukee in 1970. I was at the airport on my dad’s shoulders to welcome the team,″ added Kriefall, a mother of two who works for the Sportservice concessions firm.

Connie Gooch, 36, a Sportservice employee from Milwaukee, said her family’s finances depend on her stadium wages.

``My husband and I just put a new furnace in our house, and we needed a little bit of extra income,″ Gooch said. ``You’re pretty much assured of every other weekend off. You can’t ask that from any other job.

``I would really like to work in the new stadium. I think it would be very exciting. It’s going to be new. It’s going to be clean. This stadium is old.″

Fans greeted Gov. Tommy Thompson with signs reading, ``Build It Now,″ when he arrived for a meeting with Brewers owner Bud Selig at County Stadium, which also was the site of a rally that attracted thousands of stadium supporters Saturday.

``Bud and I are going to be in daily contact, we’re going to call each other each day,″ the governor said after an hour-long meeting. ``We’ve got to get it done and we’re going to get it done.″

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