Take notice to what winter tells us

January 29, 2019

Perhaps never before in the annals of history has the effect of winter clashed with our way of life.

Winter, by its very nature, commands we slow down. It will be particularly evident during the course of this week, as subzero temperatures will descend upon the region for a prolonged period.

But the fast-food culture society we have forged begs the opposite. Way too many of us keep our foot planted on the gas pedal morning, noon and night.

The pitfalls to this practice are too many to list. From a practical standpoint, potential winter perils include entry into a roadside ditch for driving too fast and a shattered elbow for walking at too brisk a pace.

But refusal to relax the rate of your pace has other potentially harsh consequences that can linger long after a tow truck rescues your car or a doctor patches up a broken bone.

A fast-paced lifestyle has its rewards, but it’s also a root cause for the high stress that is a prime health risk. Heart attacks are not only caused by the heavy strain of shoveling snow. The heavy burden of overwhelming demands and responsibility also can traumatize the ticker.

As Ole Man Winter reminds us, achieve a balance between work and play. One without the other is a recipe for disaster.

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