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Abortion bans seen by Democrats as chance to divide GOP

Gabriella Muñoz The Washington TimesMay 21, 2019

Congressional Democrats are eyeing legislation that would affirm the right to abortion and counter new pro-life laws in a host of states, in a move that could expose divisions within the Republican Party over how far some of the states have gone.

Several presidential candidates have called for action, and liberal pressure groups say it’s time the House, controlled by Democrats, takes the fight to the halls of Capitol Hill.

Democratic leaders have not made any commitments, but analysts say the opportunity to make Republicans uncomfortable may be too tempting to pass up.

“I’m sure there’s a desire among Democratic leadership to put a resolution, at a minimum, on the floor,” said Matthew Dallek, a professor at George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. “Republicans are now in a position where they’re now running away from the bill, for example, passed in Alabama. I think they’re in a much more precarious position politically.”

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