2018: Top outdoor stories

December 30, 2018

The most read outdoor stories of 2018 presented chronologically:

Mount Spokane expansion transitioning from fantasy to reality, Jan. 18.

Spokane woman involved in massive land gift to Chilean government, Feb. 1.

A long-planned project, designed to reconnect two isolated habitats, is visible to westbound I-90 travelers, Feb. 20.

Analysis of outdoor recreation industry finds its contribution to GDP larger than that of oil, gas extraction, Feb. 23.

Biologists capture and tag massive cougar north of Chewelah, March 8.

Simplified statewide fishing rules go into effect in July, March 19.

Idaho angler catches massive 8-foot sturgeon from his kayak, April 6.

Fewer hunters stretch Washington’s already tight wildlife budget, April 22.

The top 10 bass fishing waters in the Spokane Region, May 10.

Mysterious wolf-like animal found in Montana, igniting online speculation, May 26.

Spokane retirees hit the road in 16-month bike quest, June 6.

Raccoon makes it to the top of skyscraper through ‘superpowers’ and ‘insatiable curiosity,’ June 18.

Mother orca’s grief over dead calf resonates around the world, Aug. 4.

Grizzly bear raids chicken coops, chases sheep in North Idaho, Aug. 14.

Six caribou in North Idaho and Washington – the last in the contiguous U.S. – will be relocated to Canada, Nov. 9.

Yellowstone wolf’s killing raises questions, Dec. 20.

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