TC Line: Panhandlers’ Signs Ironic

August 7, 2018

‘Help wanted’ signs

I find it very puzzling how panhandlers can be literally standing in front of Kentucky Fried Chicken on North Main with their sign asking for money, and they’re standing right in front of a “help wanted” sign in front of KFC as well as ... Panda Express. They both are hiring and have signs. It’s kind of ironic, don’t you think?

Pace Street

What is going on with Pace Street from 17th Avenue to Highway 66? It’s taking the cars plumb apart. Can’t they get this fixed sometime this year?

The bigger fool

Donald Trump tells us we need identification to purchase groceries and tweets that California is diverting water to the Pacific Ocean, making the wildfires much worse. This is the same guy that has access to our nuclear codes. I don’t know who is the bigger fool: Donald Trump or his supporters.

Mile-Hi Skydiving

Another quiet Sunday morning In Longmont. So, tell me, do we complete the quality of life survey for Longmont with or without earplugs, or does Mile-Hi Skydiving rule the skies?

It was ‘anti-fracking’

In the parade ... Saturday there was a group toward the end of the parade. I believe their sign said “anti-fracking.” In fact, I know it’s so. It did not say anarchy. So that’s enough said.

Super Bowl ring

This is about Donald Trump and how he’s in so tight with Vladdy. Maybe he can get back Bob Kraft’s Super Bowl ring. It seems few years back Mr. Putin wanted to see Mr. Kraft’s ring. ... When Mr. Kraft (handed) him his Super Bowl ring, he put that in his pocket, and Mr. Kraft never got that ring back. That’s basically an analogy for what just happened to your country, folks.

Paper ballots

If we want Russia to stop meddling in our elections, let’s only do paper ballots across the nation. I think that would help us get away from that meddling.

Learn the facts

It would be nice if our president would take some time to learn facts about things about which he is making decisions, rather than insulting almost everybody on the planet.

Selling your vote

I’m going to keep this very quick, very simple, very brief. To the American people: How stupid do you have to be to sell your vote?

It was a setup

Every time I hear anything about Trump and his kid meeting with the Russian ... attorney: What a sack of crap. If you guys are going to cry about something ... why don’t you cry about how the government set him up? They all knew who these people were with Russia, they were listening, they’re watching, and they never once warned another campaign about it. They just sat there and tried to set him up.

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