John Gillispie: ’Christopher Robin brings life into focus

August 23, 2018

Movies & More reviewer John Gillispie shares his thoughts on Disney’s “Christopher Robin,” which is rated PG and currently playing in theaters.

If you can believe in a little bit of magic and a lot of sentimentality, then Disney’s “Christopher Robin” should be an enjoyable movie experience for you. Ewan McGregor is an adult Christopher Robin. He finds himself as an efficiency manager in a luggage business that needs to cut its budget by 20 percent. Instead of spending the weekend with wife Evelyn (Hayley Atwell) and daughter Madeline (Bronte Carmichael) as promised, Christopher must try to find a way to eliminate one-fifth of his company’s budget.

Christopher Robin has allowed the worries of life to distance himself from his wife and daughter. He has elevated his job to a status above that of his family and it is at this point that Winnie the Pooh, voiced by Jim Cummings, wanders into London and back into his life.

In this film, Pooh and most of his friends look life stuffed toys that can move and talk. Owl and Rabbit look more like real animals. By the way, Christopher is not the only person who can see them move or hear them talk. I told you that believing in magic can make this an enjoyable film.

Anyway, Pooh, Piglet (voiced by Nick Mohammed), Eeyore (voiced by Brad Garrett) and Tigger (also voiced by Cummings) team up with Madeline to try to get some work papers to Christopher Robin in London for a meeting. The characters, which should remind many adults of their own childhoods, succeed in helping Christopher Robin realize far more than paperwork. A theme unravels showing how family is more important to him than his job.

“Christopher Robin” is a charming film that seemed to move at a quick pace. The movie shows us how a good person who is trying to work hard for his family and follow all the rules can make the mistake of losing focus on what really matters in life.

John Gillispie is the public relations director for the Huntington Museum of Art.

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