Letter to the editor: We need moderates

November 29, 2018

The Republican Party, under its new leadership, has taken our country to a place of strong economic growth, but has taken us morally down a dark alley. Many people justify this direction on the pure justification that economic growth trumps all. I disagree with that and hope you do as well.

Please think about past great leaders and how they worked with others to accomplish great things. This constant state of turmoil is unhealthy for the country. Each side saying the other is evil is beyond unhealthy. They are our kids, parents, neighbors, brothers, sisters, etc. Let’s get back to the days of intelligent conversation. Stop watching CNN and Fox.

Vote for people who will be free thinkers not sheep following the party line. It just so happens that I believe those people are Democrats. I urge you to vote straight Democrat this election. Pennsylvania Democrats are moderates, which is exactly what we need. I hope you feel the same way on Nov. 6. Get out and vote!

Ken Bach

South Huntingdon Township

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