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Energy Officials Announce Up to 1,400 Job Cuts at Oak Ridge Plants

May 12, 1994

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (AP) _ Nearly 1,400 jobs will be eliminated at four Energy Department sites where responsibilties have been changed due to defense cuts and the end of the Cold War, Energy Department officials said Thursday.

Martin Marietta Energy Systems, which is managing contractor for three plants involved in the announcement, employs 16,200 people in Oak Ridge and nearby.

The government officials said 800 of the job cuts will come at the Y-12 Plant, which used to make components for nuclear weapons.

Another 160 jobs will be lost at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and 225 at the K-25 plant. Central management offices will sacrifice 180 jobs, said Jeff Bostick, manager of the Y-12 plant.

The 1,365 job cuts should be complete by the end of 1994, he said.

Martin Marietta will offer several retirement incentives in an effort to reduce the number of layoffs required by the job eliminations.

Don Blanton, the Y-12 plant’s personnel manager, estimated up to 800 employees may take the early retirement option.

Oak Ridge, a city built in the 1940s to work on the atomic bomb, is 20 miles west of Knoxville. Scientists there supplied the enriched uranium to make the bomb dropped on Hiroshima and were involved in the plutonium research for the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.