Northfield students play bingo with Heritage Estates residents

December 15, 2018

GERING — Elementary students sat around tables with residents at Heritage Estates for an afternoon of bingo, which for one resident made her day.

Carol Goranson enjoys playing bingo because she gets to be around other residents. Thursday was no exception. With the help of fourth-grader Mackenzie Peluso, Goranson had a memorable afternoon.

“It’s lots of fun to be connected with your friends,” she said. “My eye sight isn’t that good and this is the first time I’ve got a bingo in a long time thanks to that little girl.”

Thursday, Dec. 13, 10 Northfield Elementary School student council members visited Heritage Estates to help residents and enjoy several games of bingo and blackout.

One student sat at each table with the residents to help them mark their cards.

Fourth-grader Mackenzie Peluso assisted four residents mark their cards Thursday afternoon.

“The hardest part about playing bingo was trying to get the numbers and helping everyone out at the table,” she said.

When a resident got a bingo, they received 50 cents as a prize. When a student got a bingo, they could select a couple pieces of candy. They played eight rounds of regular bingo before playing for a blackout. Once someone yelled blackout, everyone cleared their cards and the game started over.

“Having kids of any age come in, the residents enjoy it,” Beverly Stover, a Heritage Estates activity aid, said.

While the students and residents played several games of bingo, sixth-grader Elijah Reza said the hardest part was being close to a bingo.

“The hardest part was almost getting a bingo, but not getting a bingo,” he said. “One more then I would’ve had two bingos.”

Resident Violet Harris enjoyed having the children there that afternoon and being able to talk to them while also playing bingo.

“I was happy to have them come,” said Harris. “This little gal [Eireson Kurth] across the table, she was very nice. I was glad to have her here. She also got a bingo and I got a bingo.”

The students were at Heritage Estates playing bingo for over an hour. Northfield Elementary students who attended were Mackenzie Peluso, Isaiah Murillo, Clare Schlothaur, Ayler Bell, Aiden Bell, Elijah Reza, Eireson Kurth, Bryce Carrillo, Trinity Hedman and Jaedyn Morales.

From the experience Peluso enjoyed helping the residents. She said she learned “about how elderly are when they get old and they can’t see anything and how much you have to help them.”

Following the game, the residents and students were treated to ice cream. Before heading back to school, each student received a goodie bag and Christmas cards made by the residents.

“I liked it very much,” Heritage Estates resident Bernita Youngs said. “It’s good for us and good for them, too.”

Youngs interacted with Isaiah Murillo and Clare Schlothaur throughout the afternoon. Before they left, they gave her a hug and she thanked them for spending time with her.

Despite being at Heritage Estates for a couple hours, Youngs hopes they learned about “being with elderly people and being polite, which these two were. They were very pleasant and I hope they will always do that.”

The residents typically play bingo on Mondays and Thursdays. Heritage Estates is Northfield’s adopt-a-school partner this year.

Through an act of kindness, Northfield students not only enjoyed an afternoon connecting with elderly in their community, but also brought a smile and fostered memories with the residents at Heritage Estates.

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