ACCRA, Ghana (AP) _ Agitated by an unruly crowd, President Clinton yelled, ``Back up! Back up!'' to Ghanaians who pushed toward him to try to shake his hand today after he delivered a speech in Independence Square.

The incident happened when the president descended the podium after addressing a crowd of hundreds of thousands and approached metal barricades that were holding back cheering people. Two of the barricades tipped over as three Secret Service agents over Clinton's shoulder looked anxiously on.

``Back up! Back up!'' a red-faced Clinton said, waving his arms.

In the audience, military authorities and police used belts and wooden canes to whip crowds back when they surged toward restricted areas around Clinton's speech.

Fights also broke out over bottles of water as temperatures soared over 100.

The Ghanaian government estimated the crowd was more than 1 million people.