TOKYO (AP) _ A strike pitting Japan's second-largest airline against its pilots' union entered a fifth day Friday with no compromise deal in sight, forcing 1,700 passengers to switch to alternative flights or rival air carriers.

A total of eight international flights from Tokyo, including a scheduled flight to Los Angeles and another to New York, were canceled Friday, said All Nippon Airways Co. spokeswoman Mihoko Suzuki.

No problems were anticipated for the company's other 15 scheduled international flights Friday, Suzuki said.

The international flights not affected by the strike were to be flown by pilots who have taken managerial posts or who usually fly aircraft smaller than the Boeing 747-400 jetliners targeted by the walkout, the airline said.

Meanwhile, Japan TransOcean Air, a small domestic airline, said its pilots' union went on strike as of Friday over a wage issue, forcing the cancellation of three of its flights.

All Nippon Airways pilots' union began a limited strike designed aimed at international flights on the largest jets as of midnight on Sunday to oppose an effective 15 percent pay cut under a new wage system.

No talks between ANA's labor and management have been scheduled.

A total of eight other ANA international flights could be canceled over the weekend if the strike continues, the company spokeswoman said.