BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Authorities say human bones found protruding from a badger hole in southwestern Idaho are hundreds of years old and not connected to a crime.

The remains were discovered in April in high desert sagebrush steppe by state fish and game workers who stumbled across the bones while out on a routine patrol. Initially authorities treated the discovery as a possible recent homicide, but Elmore County Sheriff Mike Hollinshead said Tuesday carbon dating showed the remains were from between 1436 and 1632.

The Idaho Statesman reports ( ) that testing estimated one body was of a 20-year-old while the other was between 10 and 15. The sexes were undetermined.

The remains have been turned over to the Bureau of Land Management. Lara Douglas, the agency's regional manager, says BLM will work with Indian tribes claiming the bones to determine what the next appropriate steps would be.