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Couple Say ‘I Do,’ Take Bungee Plunge as ‘Elvis’ Proclaims Them Wed

August 18, 1992

SANTA CLAUS, Ind. (AP) _ Angie Thurman fell for David Bowman four years ago. But on Tuesday, they fell with each other - from a 120-foot bungee tower after an Elvis impersonator pronounced them man and wife.

Getting married in August at a Christmas theme park with about 600 strangers gawking from eight stories below was far from the pageantry of the church wedding Mrs. Bowman dreamed of as a girl.

″But it looked like a good opportunity to get married and have some fun besides,″ she said. ″This isn’t a traditional wedding, but we’re not traditional people.″

The two met in 1988 and have two children, 3-year-old Andrew, who was ring bearer, and Brooke, who was born three weeks ago and didn’t attend the wedding.

″We’re pretty hip and with the times. We’ve lived with each other for about four years and had done about everything except get married,″ the new Mrs. Bowman said.

But she admitted feeling considerable apprehension over literally taking the plunge, although it appealed to her sweetheart.

″It was sort of my idea. I’d read about it in the paper and knew he had been wanting to jump,″ she said.

The wedding was offered in a promotional contest by radio station WSTO-FM and the Holiday World theme park. Park marketing secretary Joann Goldman estimated the bungee nuptials cost at least $1,900, and included a complimentary night at the bridal suite at the Holiday Inn in nearby Jasper.

Bruce Borders, who took the day off as mayor of Jasonville, about 75 miles away, dressed in a brass-studded Elvis nightclub outfit and crooned ″I Can’t Help Falling In Love″ as the platform reached wedding altitude. Once there, he performed a 20-minute religious ceremony, though he is not an ordained minister.

″Even with the lightheartedness of the event, I wanted them to realize that this is a lifelong commitment. Plus, when you’re getting ready to bungee jump, you want to make sure your relationship (with God) is right,″ Borders said.

Priscilla Thurman, the bride’s mother, had trouble watching as the newlyweds - lashed together by harnesses and attached to a single bungee cord - inched toward the tower platform.

″I always thought this would be a church wedding,″ she said. ″But I’m not disappointed. I thought they were crazy at first, but if they’re happy, I’m happy.″

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