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Text Of Statement On Cordes And Hamadi

January 5, 1988

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) _ Here is the text of a statement released Tuesday by the Holy Warriors for Freedom, the group holding West German hostage Rudolf Cordes. The Arabic- language statement was translated into English by The Associated Press.

In the Name of the Mujahedeen’s God:

After all the positive steps that we have carried out regarding the case of the hostages and the release of Alfred Schmidt, it seems that the German government is disregarding the presence of established facts and our ability to launch whatever we regard as a fruitful effort in thisediations and interests.

Despite the presence of Cordes, Mujahid Mohammed Hamadi is being treated in the most inhuman manner in violation of traditions and the Geneva and human rights treaties.

This arrested Mujahid has rights noted in international treatments accepted by Germany and its regime, but it appears German officials are the grandsons and renovators of Nazism with which they are trying to stamp the German nation.

We do not allow this and will not let it continue. It seems all the reasons for negative (stands) are accumulating, especially due to this Nazi mentality with which they are dealing.

Are these harassments they are causing to Mujahid Mohammed Hamadi aimed at pushing the case to dramatic slopes? Or at further escalation.

They should realize that the hostages’ card is not the only and crucial trump. There is a lot that can cause regret over lost chances.

We have managed to receive a letter from Mujahid Mohammed Hamadi and got to know of the signs of neo-Nazism. We have dropped from our heads some illusions regarding fake slogans, at least about treating prisoners.

We shall be discrete about all our means that will burn your hearts as you burn our hearts in the way you treat Mujahid Mohammed Hamadi. However, we stress that we shall not resort at all to treating Cordes accordingly because it will strip us of all our humanitarian characteristics.

We had released Alfred Schmidt and we do not regret that because his release has taught us how to deal with the future and how to plan. It taught us the art of cheating.

It awakened in us the awareness of the reality of your Nazism which we had doubted when we heard stories about the massacre of Jews.

It is a shame for a nation that respects itself to follow such means with a prisoner irrespective of the justifications. Harassments all the way from food to bed to the simplest needs. It is a cheap way of treating him and this should stop.

The trial of Abbas Hamadi begins tomorrow. They should consider what is happening these days and realize that everything has a price that must be taken into consideration. Things will not remain the same.

Note: The letter of Mujahid Mohammed Hamadi will be published in text soon. We will have responses and stands based on the trial tomorrow and on the treatment if it continues.

It should be published in full.

The Holy Warriors for Freedom.