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Mummers Still Without TV Contract for New Year’s Day Strut

December 12, 1991

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Apparent in-fighting in the Mummers organization is being blamed for the lack of a television contract to broadcast the 1992 New Year’s Day Mummers parade in Philadelphia.

The Fancy Division of the Mummers organization blames the String Band Association for killing the latest attempt to secure a television contract with WGBS, Channel 57 of Philadelphia.

Fancy Division vice president Bill Keller said String Band Association attorney Robert Pfeilsticker Jr. rejected the station’s offer, claiming his members were more interested in pursuing a deal to produce a videotape of this year’s parade performances.

Another Fancy Division vice president, Bill Burke Jur., has called on his members not to buy the String Band videos and to boycott companies which sponsor the String Band videotape.

Burke also recommends that members refuse to buy tickets to the annual Show of Shows at the Civic Center. The show is staged as a fund-raiser by the String Band Association.

Keller, the vice president of the Fancy Division, said that although for the first time in 40 years the Mummers parade won’t be broadcast on television, he hopes that 1992 will bring about better cooperation among all members of the Mummers organization.

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