Kavanaugh circus has GOP fired up -- Trisha Peach

October 11, 2018

Yes, I’m angry. More importantly, I’m motivated.

I am a wife, mother, doctoral candidate, author, lifelong educator, and a proud native of the Badger state.

Before 2016, I never spoke up about politics. After the disastrous Brett Kavanaugh circus, I literally walked into my local Republican Party office and said, “What can I do to help? I’ll make phone calls, go door to door, put up signs. What can I do?”

My mother and sister are doing the same in their counties. I do not vote for a certain personality or gender, but rather for whichever candidate better represents my deeply held convictions on the issues. I am passionately pro-school choice (Wisconsin has always led the nation in charter school excellence), pro-free speech, pro-lower taxes, pro-smaller government with more accountability, pro-fiscal responsibility, pro-immigration reform, pro-law enforcement and pro-veterans.

The Democrats have gone so far to the left -- sky high taxes, radical socialism and talk of impeachment -- they have left families such as mine far behind. Yes, I’ll be voting red this Nov. 6. And at this point, I’d crawl over broken glass barefoot -- “Die Hard”-style -- to do it.

Trisha Peach, New London

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