Older drivers can learn safety tips -- Patricia Krueger

August 4, 2018

In the July 23 State Journal, columnist Carolyn Hax responded to a woman who was concerned about the ability of her mother-in-law in her 90s, to still drive safely. This issue is becoming pressing because as our nation ages, more of our older drivers continue to drive.

We are told, “You’re too old to drive. Think what would happen if you hurt, or worse yet, killed someone with your car.” Our families, our friends and our physicians are rightfully concerned.

According to the Older Driver’s Workbook put out by the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles, drivers older than 70 are more likely to be involved in a crash while driving and more likely to die in that crash. And yet, according to that workbook, older drivers are some of the country’s safest drivers. They tend not to speed or to drive after drinking alcohol.

The DMV has an excellent section on safety for older drivers at their web address: www.wisconsindot.gov. This site contains suggestions and tests so older drivers can assess their skills. As someone who has taken those tests, passing them adds to my confidence in driving.

I encourage all older drivers to visit the DMV site and to seek information which will make their driving safer.

Patricia Krueger, Madison

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