Editorial: Another accomplishment for North Augusta, Aiken County

August 9, 2018

Congratulations North Augusta.

The new centerpiece in the gateway to South Carolina from Georgia is the best in the nation.

On Wednesday, SRP Park was named Ballpark of the Year by Ballparks.com beating out Impact Field near Chicago. Both of the parks opened this year, Impact Field cost approximately $63 million, SRP came in around $42 million.

A third of the cost and a better yard.

The Ballparks.com story called SRP Park a comfortable living room. We connot argue with that.

We should take pride the Augusta Greenjackets decided to move here and credit Tad Shultz of TL Shultz with one really nice stadium design.

It was an uphill battle as it is with any cost for something new and different, but the rewards are starting to show. These projects didn’t happen overnight and it takes farsightedness and a financial investment to get this home run and any others.

This is just another accomplishment for North Augusta, which is also home to the current two-time defending state champion North Augusta High girls basketball team, the success of the Peach Jam tournament and recent refinements to the Greeneway.

And we cannot forget the area surrounding the nation’s best ball park will probably add to the fast-growing approach the city has taken when Riverside Village is finished; complete with condos, retail, restaurants and a hotel.

“Riverside Village provides for us a destination for people throughout our region and creates a density that is attractive to retail,” North Augusta City Administrator Todd Glover said to Ballparks.com. “The ballpark has provided an anchor tenant for us that attracts enough people to make the other retail options. In turn, we get the amenities we have always wanted.”

Now expanding to what’s best and looking around the county we definitely need to add in the fact that Aiken was named the Best Small City in the South by Southern Living Magazine. In all, we should feel pretty good about the place we live.

Sure, Aiken, North Augusta and the county have their issues, especially when it comes to growth.

But today is a time for us to take pride in what we have – one of the best buildings and one of the best destinations in the nation.

And it’s ours.

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