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BC-Entries Remington Park

March 6, 2019
By The Associated Press

1st_$16,500, , 3, 4 & 5YO, 3f.<

Western Vodoo;124;El Fargo;124
R Debutant;124;Jrt Cash N Freight;124
Painted Rail;124;Sullys Livewire;124
Big Benson;124;Country Fly Girl;124
A Classic Tale;124;Heza Rockin Ace;124
Georgeous Treasure;124;Jg One More Suspect;124

2nd_$17,100, , 3, 4 & 5YO, 3f.<

Desirable;124;Miss Sammy Train;124
Country Gold;124;Tac It and Do It;124
Harry Bosch;124;Jc Lucky Wagon;126
Personal Jess;124;Shakem Jesse Shakem;124
Eyema Valiant Lady;124;Rich Red Corona;126
Eye the Coronado;124;Tempting Red Lips;124

3rd_$10,000, trl, 3YO, 3½f.<

Valiant Amigo;124;Happy Zooming;124
Pr Twentyone 31;124;Eagle Out of Sight;124
Apolitical Runaway;124;Flashing Candy;124
Thinkin Man;124;Capos Contessa;124
Might B Magic;124

4th_$10,000, trl, 3YO, 3½f.<

Triple Vodka Talking;124;Ms Apollitical Cash;124
Jimy Bufet;124;Shes Sizzling;124
Dynasty First Class;124;Notorious;124
Jakes Baby Wagon;124;Ivory Runnin;124
Shez a Cartel Chick;124;Sensational Ruby;124

5th_$10,000, trl, 3YO, 3½f.<

Philomena;124;Mary Janes Hero;124
Wushocker;124;Smokin Dynasty;124
Dominyun Cartel;124;Dustys Handsome Man;124
Ss Wagon Painted Bay;124;Cat Daddie;124
Reggies Bailbond;124

6th_$10,000, trl, 3YO, 3½f.<

Cartels Queen;124;Zoes Sassy Miracle;124
Vf Jedi Returns;124;Cartel Rockin;124
Stripper Dust;124;Coco Jess Perry;124
Myohmyimgoodlookin;124;Fast Prize Six;124
Pops Tempting Wagon;124;Tuff Copa Lbh;124

7th_$10,000, trl, 3YO, 3½f.<

Pollitical Fire;124;Pottawattamie Squaw;124
Iona Ec;124;Shes Got Fire;124
Saratoga Return;124;Craizin;124
West Texas Dasher V;124;Apollitical Mogul;124
Igotta Go Gotta Go;124

8th_$10,000, trl, 3YO, 3½f.<

Ivory by Choice;124;Apollitical Desire;124
Throw Th Dice;124;Americas Dynasty;124
Df Lord Garvan;124;Jm Tell Me a Secret;124
Jess Proved Youwrong;124;Long Wagon Ho;124
Southern Belle Bp;124

9th_$10,000, trl, 3YO, 3½f.<

Hey Seis;124;Devil of Ramadi;124
Redneckedness;124;Df Lawton;124
Tarish;124;Y Paint Louisana;124
Steal Money;124;Dynasty Leader;124

10th_$68,000, stk, 3YO up, 2½f.<

Mighty Deck Three

Peighnt Your Fate;126;Bird Train;126
Valiant Rogue;126;Eye Eye Captain;126
Admiral Sting;126;First of 15;126
Bout Tree Fiddy;126;Pv Queen Bee Candy;126
Hazel Dazel;126;Disco Wagon;126

11th_$27,000, alc, 3YO up F&M, 3f.<

Carris Cartel;126;Sr Shegone;124
Df Aj Green Leaves;126;Trace Dynasty;126
Double Eagle;126;Tres My Heart;126
Tempting Annee Gl;126;Hardtoget;126
The Polar Vortex;126;Fly N Tell;124
Jessica Alexandra;126;Express Train No 9;126

12th_$22,000, , 3YO up, 2½f.<

Another Legacy;126;Luv My Bully;126
Prohibitive;126;Good and Tough;126
Lota Cac;126;Eagle Earl;126
Quick Pik;126;Dotty Danger;126
Sweet Furrena;126;Mt Money Wagon;126
Sm Country Fury;126;Bang Bang Your Gone;126

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