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Lawyer Klock ‘Not Good With Names’

December 12, 2000

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Attorney Joseph Klock said Tuesday that it was just plain weariness that caused him to slip up on the names of two Supreme Court justices in arguing about Florida’s vote count before the high court.

``I was so tired that I was happy I didn’t call one of them ’Justice Gore,‴ said Klock, representing Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who has certified George W. Bush as the winner of Florida’s electoral votes.

In Monday’s tense hearing that could wind up deciding whether Bush or Al Gore becomes the next president, Klock slipped up twice. He addressed Justice Stephen Breyer as ``Justice Brennan″ (who died in 1997) and called Justice David Souter ``Justice Breyer.″

Said Souter: ``I’m Justice Souter. You’ve got to cut that out!″

Replied the abashed Klock: ``I will now give up.″

That brought laughter, and caused Justice Antonin Scalia, when his turn came, to say, ``Mr. Klock, I’m Scalia.″

Questioned Tuesday about the mixup on ABC’s ``Good Morning America,″ Klock shook his head and said he was awfully tired, and anyway, ``I’m not very good with names.″

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