Robert Watson: It’s mean to put in a median

November 15, 2018


I think many of those who live here do not believe that the powers that be know what they are doing when it comes to traffic control. For me, personally, the addition of medians on Lake Havasu Avenue will complicate my life immensely. I go through the intersection at McCulloch and Lake Havasu Avenue often, sometimes twice a day seven days a week. I shop at Walgreens and frequent the dog park on the island as well as the marina. I live south of Swanson.

Presently, I can drive down Lake Havasu Avenue to Walgreens, turn left into the parking lot, shop, turn left onto Lake Havasu Avenue, turn left onto McCulloch and access the Island. Short, simple easy. With the new median I will have to drive out of my way to get onto McCulloch, make a left on Lake Havasu Avenue, turn right into Walgreens, shop, turn right onto Lake Havasu Avenue, turn right at Swanson, cross the highway, drive through the parking lot of the London Bridge Resort, and turn left onto McCulloch to get to the island. Or I can leave Walgreens and make a left at Swanson and make my way back to McCulloch so I can go straight onto the island. Either route is circuitous and involves sitting at several over long signal lights.

After this construction I will no long patronize Walgreens, or Humbertos, or any of the businesses on the west side of Lake Havasu Avenue in this area. Although I love Walgreens and have been a customer for over 20 years, if they make it so hard to get there I will be forced to shop elsewhere.

I am not an engineer or a city planner, but I can imagine this change creating more traffic and longer lines in this area. The problem is there is no way around this intersection, no way to avoid it. I think it would just be common sense (as suggested by a previous writer) to first install temporary barricades and gauge the effect they have, before committing to permanent medians.

Robert Watson

Lake Havasu City

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