Week 4 High School Fantasy Football Update

September 21, 2018

Week 4 High School Fantasy Football Update

Week 4’s Top Performers

1. Hazleton Area RB Damon Horton (Bennett), 74

2. Williamsport RB Trey Potts (Bennett), 60

3. Dallas RB Lenny Kelley (Bufano), 44

4. Williamsport QB Joe Fagnano (Shultz), 39

5. Berwick RB Owen Shoemaker (Shultz), 31 


Week 4 Scores

Bennett 208, Bufano 122


QB: Michael Starbuck (DAL) 30

RB: Trey Potts (WIL) 60

RB: Damon Horton (HAZ) 74

WR: David Smith (HAZ) 26

WR: Najese Hood (MEY) 0

Flex: Jervone Young (COU) 3

Def: Berwick 6

K: Wil Garcia (HAZ) 9



QB: Dominic DeLuca (WA) 21

RB: Lenny Kelley (DAL) 44

RB: Zack Kojadinovich (LL) 6

WR: Marcus Simmons (WIL) 16

WR: Teagan Wilk (BER) 9

Flex: Andrew Krawczyk (PA) 16

Def: Wyoming Area 5

K: Aleah Kranson (WA) 5


Shultz 140, Maluso 76


QB: Joe Fagnano (WIL) 39

RB: Owen Shoemaker (BER) 31

RB: Garrett Hopkins (TUN) 21

WR: Connor Hazlet (NW) 22

WR: Luke DelGaudio (DAL) 17

Flex: Joe Ammons (NA) 0

Def: Meyers 9

K: Ricky Klepadlo (NA) 1



QB: Sparky Wolk (HAZ) 19

RB: Matt Kurtz (LL) 12

RB: Kevin Dessoye (MEY) 16

WR: Darren Boseman (NA) 2

WR: Brian Williams (WA) 5

Flex: Carson Canavan (VW) 12

Def: Dallas 4

K: Jack Wessler (NW) 6


Analysis: The 64-63 Williamsport win over Hazleton was a gold mine of fantasy points. No one benefitted more than Bennett who had the week’s top two point getters in Damon Horton and Trey Potts. Bennett’s 208 total points are believed to be a Citizens’ Voice Fantasy League record. Poor Bufano, who scored a highly respectable 122, only to get the bad draw. 

Shultz picked up another win to move to 3-1 behind Williamsport quarterback Joe Fagnano’s 39 points, backed by Berwick running back Owen Shoemaker. Maluso dropped to 1-3 but is looking to bolster is team by hitting the waiver wire, picking up Pittston Area Bryan Giambra who’s 319 yards and four touchdowns rank him among the top available players. 



Shultz 3-1 (471 PF)

Bennett 3-1 (479 PF)

Bufano 1-3 (407 PF) 

Maluso 1-3 (304 PF)


Week 5 Matchups

Bennett (3-1) vs. Shultz (3-1)

Bufano (1-3) vs. Maluso (1-3)





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