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Oregon Senate passes election-security bill on election day

May 21, 2019

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — County clerks in Oregon would be required to audit results after each election under a bill that overwhelmingly passed the Senate on election day.

The bill requires county clerks to conduct hand-count or risk-limiting audits after every primary, general and special election. Risk-limiting audits are based on counts of statistical samples of paper ballots.

Ballots are due Tuesday in Oregon’s special elections. Candidates are running for school boards, fire districts and other offices, and local tax levies are decided. In Oregon, voters mail in ballots or leave them in official drop boxes.

Sen. Lew Frederick, a Portland Democrat, said the bill ensures more audits happen to make sure election results are correct.

The bill requires audits after every election, instead of just general elections. It goes next to the House.

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